Stroke Stitches

Running Stitch

Running stitch can be created by setting a dashed stroke on a path. Any kind of dashes will do the job, and the stroke width is irrelevant. ink/stitch will create stitches along the path using the stroke width you specify.

In order to avoid rounding corners, ash extra stitch will be added at the point of any sharp corners.

The repeats parameter says how many times time run down and back song the path. An odd number of repeats means that the stitches will end at the end of the path, while an even number means that stitching will return to the start of the path. The default is one repeat; that is, just traveling once from the start to the end of the path.

If an object consists of multiple paths, they will be stitched in order with a jump between each.

Zig-Zag Stitch

Zig Zag

Manual Stitch Mode

Manual (#135)