Install Add-Ons for Inkscape

Ink/Stitch can install files (“add-ons”) that make it easier to use Inkscape to create machine embroidery designs.

Add-ons to be installed


  • Go to Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Install add-ons for Inkscape
  • Click Install
  • Restart Inkscape

Manual Install

  • Palettes: Copy extension files from inkstitch > palettes folder to your Inkscape palettes folder. E.g. in Linux: ~/.config/inkscape/palettes.
  • Visual Commands:Copy extension files from inkstitch > symbols folder to your Inkscape symbols folder. E.g. in Linux: ~/.config/inkscape/symbols.

Thread Manufacturer Color Palettes

Inkscape palettes are found on the bottom to the right of the color swatches.

Inkscape Color Palettes

Click on the little arrow to open a list of installed palettes and choose the manufacturer color palette depending on the thread you are willing to use.

The choice will also take effect on the thread names to appear in the print preview.

Visual commands

Visual Commands are used to give Ink/Stitch additional information about the way your design should be stitched out. E.g. to place the designs origin (0/0) or to define where your fill stitch should start to render, etc.

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