Python Modules

Ink/Stitch uses various Python modules. Follow the links to learn more about specific ones. Bold modules are not part of the standard python library and are also listed in the requirement.txt file. The ones being displayed in cursive style belong to the Inkscape Python modules for extensions.

appdirs, argparse, backports.functools_lru_cache, base64, collections, colormath, colorsys, copy, cspsubdiv, cStringIO, cubicsuperpath, datetime, errno, flask, functools, glob, i18n, inkex, io, itertools, jinja2, json, logging, math, lxml, networkx, numpy, os, pyembroidery, random, re, requests, shapely, shutil, simplepath, simpletransform, simplestyle, socket, subprocess, sys, tempfile, threading, time, traceback, webbrowser, win32api, winutils, wx, wx.lib, zipfile