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  1. Digitize placement and tackdown stitches as different colors, in order to force a stop on your machine.
  2. May or may not have to digitize the zig zag tackdown stitch as a different color, depends on the design.
  3. Complete the rest of the design as normal.
  4. Start sewing like normal, after machine does Placement Stitch, stop machine.
  5. Place material over Placement stitch, totally covering the stitch. Use a light adhesive spray to hold material.
  6. Start sewing 1st Tackdown stitch. Stop Machine after.
  7. Completely cut away excess material from the tack down stitch. Best to use applique scissors if available.
  8. Start machine again and let it finish stitching the rest of the design. Applique portion is finished at this point.

Applique Color Change (by Evan West)

Applique Color Change


Applique Stop (by Evan West)

Applique Stop