Installing Ink/Stitch

I have downloaded and unzipped the latest release. Where do I put it?

In Inkscape open: Edit > Preferences > System and check the paths for extensions.


You should preferably install in USER EXTENSIONS, since this will make it easier to update later.

If you have any diacritics in your username, try the INKSCAPE EXTENSIONS path if you are having trouble running Ink/Stitch.

My Ink/Stitch dosen’t run!

  • Confirm installation path
    Check if files were possibly extracted into a sub-directory. You should see a lot of files starting with “inkstitch” directly inside the extension folder, beside of one folder called “inkstitch”.

  • Username with diacritics
    Read where to copy your files

  • Windows Anti-Virus
    This is more prone to happen in Windows, since the python is packed into a executable there are reports of anti-virus-software using heuristics that mark the extension as a false positive. The solution in this cases is to add the Ink/Stitch extension folder to the exception list on the av program reinstall the extension and try again.

    There are user reports #118 from windows users that the extension may have trouble with paths that have special characters.

Using Ink/Stitch

Ink/Stitch is creating zig-zag lines instead of running stitch

Running Stitch Dashes Make sure you follow the running stitch instructions.

You are most likely using a continuous stroke instead of a dashed stroke.

Guideline Origin isn’t working!

The guideline method for setting the origin (0,0) is deprecated.

Use visual commands instead:

  • Go to Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Commands > Add Commands … and choose Origin
  • Place the symbol origin where you like the origin to be.

Receiving Error Messages

Search through the error messages and see if the description has useful information for you. If the message is not listed or the answer is not suffient to you, please contact us by filing an issue on GitHub. We are grateful for any report in this matter, because it will help Ink/Stitch to become better.