Tools: Stroke

Autoroute Running Stitch

Auto-Route Running Stitch..

This tool will replace your set of running stitches with a new set of running stitches in logical stitching order avoiding as many jumps as possible . Under-pathing will be added as necessary . The resulting running stitches will retain all of the parameters you had set on the original stitches including stitch length, number of repeats, bean stitch number of repeats, etc. Underpaths will only retain the stitch length, but will be set to only one repeat and no bean stitch number of repeats.


  • Select all the running stitches (prepared with parameters)that you wish to organize
  • Run Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools : Stroke > Auto-Route Running stitch...
  • Enable desired options and click apply

Tip: By default, it will choose the left-most extreme node as the starting point and the right-most extreme node as the ending point (even if these are not terminal nodes). You can override this by attaching the “Auto-route running stitch starting/ending position” commands.


  • Enable Add nodes at intersections will normally yield a better routing as under-paths will preferably start/end at intersections and terminal nodes. You should only disable this option if you have manually added nodes where you want the paths to be split.
  • Enable Trim jump stitches to use trims instead of jump stitches. Trim commands are added to the SVG, so you can modify/delete as you see fit.
  • Enable Preserve order of running stitches if you prefer to keep your former order.