Install Ink/Stitch

Info: We also provide beginner tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.
For the installation process watch the video for  Linux,  macOS or  Windows.


That’s it! All python libraries and external dependencies are bundled (using the excellent pyinstaller), so you shouldn’t need to set anything else up.

Info: Inkscape Version 0.92 or greater, has a really key feature: the Objects panel.
This gives you a heirarchical list of objects in your SVG file, listed in their stacking order. This is really important because the stacking order dictates the order that the shapes will be sewn in.

Versions 0.92.2 and higher let you bind a key to new commands, “stack up” and “stack down”, which you can assign to pageup and pagedown. These let you arbitrarily reorder objects in the SVG file, which lets you directly manipulate which order they stitch in. It works way better than the default “raise” and “lower” commands.

Quick Setup

1. Download

Download the release archive for your platform.

The LOCALE selected affects the menus shown inside Inkscape. Ink/Stitch dialogs are in the lanugage of your OS (if that language is supported).

Tip: Your language is not available?
Help us to translate the dialogs into your native language.

Language Linux (64bit) Windows macOS
English Linux Windows Sierra
High Sierra
Mojave + Catalina
French Linux Windows Sierra
High Sierra
Mojave + Catalina
German Linux Windows Sierra
High Sierra
Mojave + Catalina

Info: Ink/Stitch for macOS currently works only with Sierra (10.12) and higher.

Latest release: Ink/Stitch v1.26.2 (2019-08-20)

2. Install

  • In Inkscape, go to Edit > Preferences > System and check where your User Extensions folder is.
  • Decompress the Ink/Stitch archive directly into this folder.
    In this folder the file structure should look similiar to this (just a lot more files): File Structure
  • Restart Inkscape.
  • You will then find Ink/Stitch under Extensions > Ink/Stitch.

Linux and macOS:

 $ cd ~/.config/inkscape/extensions
 $ tar zxf ~/Downloads/inkstitch-v1.0.0-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz


  • Unhide the AppData directory (go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\, e.g. C:\Users\Janet)
  • Unzip in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\inkscape\extensions


  • You may have to delete the old extension files first:
    Go to the extension directory and remove each inkstitch* file and folder.
  • Then, proceed as above.

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Manual Setup

It is possible to install Ink/Stitch manually. It is not recommended though - unless you want to help developing the extension. In this case, please have a look at the developer documentation section.