Extensions > Embroidery > Params opens the params dialog, where you can specify all the details for your stitches.

Ink/Stitch can produce the following stitch types: running stitch, manual stitch, zig-zag stitch, satin column and fill stitch.

Stitch Types

Dowload this document to examine the settings.

Stop after

Commercial embroidery machines that have multiple needles normally proceed from one color to the next without pausing in between. Sometimes you want a pause (e.g. to trim applique fabric), so “STOP after” adds an extra color change which can be assigned to a special stop instruction using the machine’s user interface (e.g. C00 on Barudan machines). Common uses for this would be to apply puff foam after doing regular embroidery. Applying applique fabric and/or even wanting to slow down the machine at a certain spot for certain types of embroidery without having to babysit the machine.

Trim after

“Trim after” tells the embroidery machine to cut the thread after the assigned object has been stitched. Not all home machines support the trim function within a color block. Mainly used to prevent long jump stitched between embroidery objects and to avoid post embroidery trimming by the operator.