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The params dialog is one of the main features of Ink/Stitch. With this dialog you control how your elements will be stitched out. Along with many other details you can define for example stitch length and distances. It is also possible to save your own preferences and load them whenever you want.

Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params opens the params dialog.

It is dependend on the element type which param tabs are available. More details about available params can be found in the stitch library section of this website. For orientation you will find a rough stitch type overview on this page.

Stitch Types

Stitch Types

Download this document to examine the settings.

Stitch type Path definition
Running Stitch Dashed line
Manual Stitch Line
Zig-Zag Stitch Continous line
Bean Stitch Dashed line
Ripple Stitch Line
Satin Column Two combined path with optional rungs
E-Stitch Two combined path with optional rungs
Fill Stitch Closed paths with a fill color
Contour Fill Closed paths with a fill color
Guided Fill Closed paths with a fill color


You also have the possibility to save your preferred stitch settings and load them when needed.

Presets Dialog