This page is outdated. For more recent information have a look at the english original.


Contact / External Resources

We are happy to hear from you! If you want to contact us, file an issue on GitHub.

Especially if you encounter a new bug, it would be very helpful, if you would add a new Issue to report it back to us.

Also have look at these existing issues

Check out our YouTube channel

or get in touch with other users on Facebook

Issues during Installation

Please read installation instructions for your operating system. You will find a troubleshoot section below the description.

Using Ink/Stitch

Guideline Origin isn’t working!

The guideline method for setting the origin (0,0) is deprecated.

Use visual commands instead:

  • Go to Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Commands > Add Commands … and choose Origin
  • Place the symbol origin where you like the origin to be.

Receiving Error Messages

Search through the error messages and see if the description has useful information for you. If the message is not listed or the answer is not suffient to you, please contact us by filing an issue on GitHub. We are grateful for any report in this matter, because it will help Ink/Stitch to become better.