Manual Stitch

What it is

Manual Stitch Flowers In manual stitch mode Ink/Stitch will use each node of a path as a needle penetration point, exactly as you placed them.

Manual Stitch Detail

How to Create

  1. Create a path. Line style or width are irrelevant.
  2. Open Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params.
  3. Enable Manual stitch placement. The other settings will not have any effect in manual stitch mode.

    Params Stroke


Tie-In and Tie-Off

It will not add tie-in or tie-off stitches automatically, so be aware of creating them within the path.

Make Nodes Corner

Each node of a path represents a needle penetration point. It will not go along curves.

Manual Stitch Placement

A clean representation of your manual stitch path can be achieved as follows:

  1. Select all nodes (F2 then Ctrl+A)
  2. Click on Make selected nodes corner in the Tool Controls Bar.

Sample Files Including Manual Stitch


Fringe example file

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