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Manual Stitch

What it is

Manual Stitch Flowers In manual stitch mode Ink/Stitch will use each node of a path as a needle penetration point, exactly as you placed them.

Manual Stitch Detail

How to Create

  1. Create a path. Line style or width are irrelevant.
  2. Open Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params.
  3. Enable Manual stitch placement. The other settings will not have any effect in manual stitch mode.

    Params Stroke

Each node of a path represents a needle penetration point. It doesn’t care about bezier curves.

Manual Stitch Placement

A clean representation of your manual stitch path can be achieved as follows:

  1. Select all nodes (F2 then Ctrl+A)
  2. Click on Make selected nodes corner in the Tool Controls Bar.


Open Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params to change parameters to your needs.

Settings   Description
Running stitch along paths   Must be enabled for these settings to take effect.
Method   Choose running stitch for the running stitch type
Manual stitch placement   Enable manual stitches
Repeats   This setting has no effect on manual stitches
Running stitch length   This setting has no effect on manual stitches
Running stitch tolerance   This setting has no effect on manual stitches
Zig-Zag spacing (peak-to-peak)   This setting has no effect on manual stitches
Allow lock stitches   Usually manual stitches to not add lock stitches automatically and you have to include them directly into your path. But you can enable them through the setting force lock stitches.
Force lock stitches   Enables lock stitches for manual stitches.
Trim After   Trim the thread after sewing this object.
Stop After   Stop the machine after sewing this object. Before stopping it will jump to the stop position (frame out) if defined.

Sample Files Including Manual Stitch


Fringe example file

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