Running Stitch

What it is

Running Stitch Butterfly

Running stitch produces a series of small stitches following a line or curve.

Running Stitch Detail

How to Create

Running stitch can be created by setting a dashed stroke on a path. Any type of dashes will do the job, and the stroke width is irrelevant.

Running Stitch Dashes Select the stroke and go to Object > Fill and Stroke... and choose one of the dashed lines in the Stroke style tab.

Open Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params to change parameters to your needs.

The stitch direction can be influenced by the path direction. If you want to swap the starting and ending point of your running stitch run Path > Reverse.

Info: In order to avoid rounding corners, an extra stitch will be added at the point of any sharp corners.

Sample Files Including Running Stitch


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