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With Auto-Route Running Stitch it is pretty easy to create some redwork like embroidery from images. wikipedia:


Inkscape allows several detection modes to trace a bitmap image.

In this file, the left image was obtained using “Brightness cutoff mode” while the right one was optained using “centerline tracing” mode Ce fichier contient deux numérisations obtenues sous inkscape en utilisant Chemin/Vectoriser une image vectorielle puis pour celle de gauche la méthode de detection “ seuil de luminosité “ et pour celle de droite “Traçage centerline”.

Sample Download

In both cases, one can select all the paths, give them embroidery parameters and then run “Auto-Route running paths”.

This is the resulting embroidery:


The “brightness cutoff mode” was embroidered using simmle running stitch, while “centerline tracing” was embroided with a bean stitch.

“Centerline tracing” avoids all the double paths and gives a much better result.