Want to design embroidery pattern files (PES, DST, etc) using free, open source software? Hate all the other options? Try this one.

I received a really wonderful christmas gift for a geeky programmer hacker: an embroidery machine. It’s pretty much a CNC thread-bot… I just had to figure out how to design programs for it. The problem is, all free embroidery design software seemed to be terrible, especially when you add in the requirement of being able to run in Linux, my OS of choice.

So I wrote one.

Okay, not really. I’m pretty terrible at GUIs, but I found this nifty inkscape extension that was created and hacked on by a couple of other folks. It was pretty rudimentary, but it got the job done, and more importantly, it was super hackable. I hacked the hell out of it, and at this point ink/stitch is a viable entry-level machine embroidery design tool.