Guided Fill

What it is

Generate curved fill with guide lines.

Fill stitch detail

How to Create

  • Create a closed path with a fill color. This shape may have holes.
  • Create a guide line to define stitch directions:
    • draw a line with a stroke color and without a fill color
    • select that line
    • run Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Edit > Selection to guide line
  • Select both and group them together (Ctrl + G).
  • Open the params dialog (Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params) and select Guided fill as the fill method.

Each group is allowed to contain more than one fill object, but only one guide line is effective and will be used to guide all the shapes of the group, guiding each shape with the intersection of the shape and the guide line. In that case, a shape that does not intersect the guide line will be filled with a regular auto fill. The group is also allowed to contain regular stroke objects. On the canvas, a marker allows to distinguish a guide line from a regular stroke.

Guided Fill Group

If the group contains several guide lines, only one is effective. If the guide line is a composite path, only one subpath is used as a guide line. However it is possible to use sinuous guide line , that may even cross the shape border many times.

Guided fill group

Filling Strategies

Two filling strategies are allowed for guided fill:


Copy (the default) will fill the shape with shifted copies of the line. Sometimes, in particular is the guide line has sharp angles, it may result in a very irregular covering.

Parallel offset

Parallel offset will ensure that each line is always a consistent distance from its neighbor. Sharp corners may be introduced.

Set Start and End Point

Set start and end points for autofill objects with Visual commands.


Run Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params to tweak the settings to your needs.

Read detailed information in the Guided Fill Params section.


Underlay in Guided Fill doesn’t follow the guide line, but uses the fill angle which can be defined in the underlay params.

Samples Files Including Guided Fill Stitches