Manual Setup

A manual setup will allow you to edit the code while running the extension.

  1. Clone the extension source

    git clone
  2. Python Dependencies

    A few python modules are needed. In some cases this extension uses features that aren’t available in the versions of the modules pre-packaged in distributions, so I recommend installing them directly with pip:

     pip install -r requirements.txt

    Info: You might need to remove wxPython and install a platform specific package (e.g. Debian uses python-wxgtk3.0).

  3. Symbolically link into the Inkscape extensions directory

     cd ~/.config/inkscape/extensions
     ln -s /path/to/inkstitch
     for i in inkstitch/inx/inkstitch_*.inx; do ln -s $i; done
     ln -s inkstitch/
  4. Run Inkscape.

Info: Changes to the Python code take effect the next time the extension is run. Changes to the extension description files (*.inx) take effect the next time Inkscape is restarted.