Multiversion Install

Installing multiple versions of Ink/Stitch can become very handy while development.

It will make it easy to run tests and compase versions

Setup Ink/Stitch menu files

To achieve the installation if multiple Ink/Stitch versions the Inkscape menu files need a distinct ID.

Here’s an example of how to use two Ink/Stitch extensions:

  • install Inkstitch in two different locations (e.g. inkstitch and inkstitch-k)
  • ensure make inx is executed in both locations (this will generate also inx/locale/ files)
  • in the second location generate modified inx files: generate-inx-files -a k
  • install the inx files in Inkscape extensions directory
    • symlink .config/inkscape/extensions/inkstitch -> inkstitch
    • symlink .config/inkscape/extensions/inkstitch-k -> inkstitch-k
  • modify .config/inkscape/keys/default.xml if necessary
  • run Inkscape with both Inkstitch extensions enabled
    • first version: Extensions > Ink/Stitch
    • second version: Extensions > Ink/Stitch-k