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Monochrome flower, using ripple stitch and contour stitch

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Monochrome Flower


  • Step 1 Layer contains
    • the heart of the flower is a nine-pointed star with contour fill parameters set to “from interior towards exterior”
    • A petal, with path effect “rotate “ (9 copies, regularly spaced, center manually positioned)
  • Step 2 Layer
    • Objets/ objet to path was applied to the petal.
  • Step 3 Layer
    • Path /Split path was applied to the petal, then the paths were combined two by two to obtain the 9 petals.
    • Group the petals
    • All petals are simple ripple.

All runing stitch have a 3mm length .

Yhe embroidery uses a single grey rayon thread.

Remark : intermediare layers were only kept for demonstration purpose