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Patterned Running Stitch

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Ink/Stitch is an Inkscape plugin. Inkscape has so called Live Path Effects (LPE). They can directly be used by Ink/Stitch.

So if we want to create a patterned running stitch we can make use of the LPE Pattern Along Path.

  1. Create the target path and select it. The target path is a normal running stitch path.

    Target path

  2. Press Ctrl+& to open the LPE-dialog. Alternatively go to Pah > Path effects....
  3. Click on the + sign in the LPE-dialog and select Pattern Along Path

    pattern along path

  4. In the LPE-dialog chose “Repeated” or “Repeated stretched” for Pattern copies

    repeat pattern

  5. There are various methods to apply a pattern to the path. If you want to create your path from scratch, here is how you do it. At the Pattern source line, click on the Edit on canvas symbol.

    edit on canvas

    In the top left corner you’ll see a small path. Zoom in and click on the node on the right side. For the x value enter the length, that you wish to have for your pattern.

    set pattern size

    Now you can edit the path. Double click on the path to add nodes at specific spots and drag the line or nodes to create your pattern. Keep the first and last nodes in place.

    final path

    The patterned path can be copied and altered as any other path. If you need to switch the direction to create a better stitch routing, click on the Edit on canvas button again and flip your pattern too.

    copy paste

    Download SVG