v1.20.0: auto-route satin, sewing time estimate, and g-code output

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This release is packed with new features and important bug fixes!

New Features:

  • cut satin column
    • break a satin column into two pieces at a specified point
  • auto-route satin columns
    • arranges the selected satins into a logical stitching order
    • cuts satins if necessary
    • adds running stitch as “underpathing”
    • option to add trim instructions
    • huge time-saver!
  • sewing time estimate in Print to PDF
    • specify your machine’s stitches per second
    • options to adjust estimates as needed
  • g-code output format
    • great for DIY arduino-based embroidery machines

Bug Fixes

  • handle SVGs without a bounding box
  • use a faster algorithm for tie stitches
  • fixed regression: tie stitches were incorrectly added to manual stitch
  • operator notes in Print PDF showed HTML