Ink/Stitch v1.29.1

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  • [MAJOR] print and save PDF work again
  • 0 or negative value for staggers no longer allowed (caused problems)
  • fix error: ValueError: A LinearRing must have at least 3 coordinate tuples
  • gracefully handle corrupted presets files


  • rudimentary support for clone objects
  • rectangles, circles, and ellipses are now supported without the need to convert to path
  • Break Apart extension can now fix most “invalid” shapes with a loop by breaking the loop out into a separate object.
  • [NEW EXTENSION] Cleanup – removes tiny objects from an SVG
  • they just cause trouble and aren’t visible anyway

Other Changes:

  • troubleshoot extension:
  • more hints on how to fix “invalid” shapes
  • hints for image and text objects