Ink/Stitch v2.1.0

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New and updated features

More fonts: Thanks to our community we can offer now even more fonts. Some existing fonts have received updates Letter to font extension: Import embroidery fonts into Ink/Stitch to prepare them for the lettering tool Patterns: Add stitch patterns to your objects Satin column: Split stitches through maximum stitch length setting in params Install custom palette: Install a single .gpl file with your thread colors PDF: Estimated Thread: Print PDF roughly calculates estimated thread. Multiplier setting can be adjusted. Force lock stitch option: Lock stitches can be enforced independently from the collapse length setting Stitch plan: can be adapted to be shown on top of the design or show needle points


  • Installers added for Windows, macOS and Linux. Please read the installation guides on our website:
  • It will not be necessary anymore to load a language specific version of Ink/Stitch

Bug fixes

  • Params and Lettering were crashing on windows systems with uncommon language settings (country/language combination)
  • Selecting only text or images has been resulting into a traceback message
  • GCode z value can now be set to a number higher than 10
  • Objects with a color gradient will render in black (instead of giving a traceback error message)
  • Mask and clipPath objects will not throw an error message but will be ignored
  • Fix some color issues
  • and some more