Transcript - 05 Lettering - Beginner Tutorial Series

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Welcome to the Ink/Stitch Beginner Tutorial Series

In this part we are going to look into the lettering tool.

In Ink/Stitch it is possible to write a multiline text, which will automatically be converted into an embroidery font.

Run Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Lettering

Being in a very early state the tool can handle only one font. This will change in a future release.

Now enter your text.

You will see the simulator updating as you write.

With multiline text you might want Ink/Stitch to start stitching from the right in uneven line numbers. Enable the option “Stitch lines of text back and forth” for this matter.

Click on Apply and Quit

Ink/Stitch will insert all paths necessary for your text. You can modify it if you like or save it directly as an embroidery file.

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial and the lettering tool.

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