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Monicha contains 195 glyphs :

!#%@’(’)+,- ./01234567 89:;<=>?@A BCDEFGHIJK LMNOPQRSTU VWXYZabcde fghijklmno pqrstuvwxy z§«±»¿ÀÁÂà ÄÅÆÇÈÉÊËÌÍ ÎÏÑÒÓÔÕÖ×Ù ÚÛÜÝàáâãäå æçèéêëìíîï ñòóôõöùúûü ýÿŒœ⒜⒝⒞⒟⒠⒡ ⒢⒣⒤⒥⒦⒧⒨⒩⒪⒫ ⒬⒭⒮⒯⒰⒱⒲⒳⒴⒵ ⒶⒹⒼⒽⒾⒿⓀⓁⓂⓃ ⓇⓉⓊⓎⓑⓓⓖⓗⓙⓚ ⓛⓞⓣⓨ


At 100%, this font is approximatively 28 mm (1 inch) high.

It can be scaled up to 150% (approx 42 mm, 1.5 inch) but can not be scaled down .


MONICHA is our first font with alternative characters.

For instance, these are different ways to write the firstname Sasha.


In addition to the “usual” european character set, Monicha contains 50 alternative swash lower case letters hidden in the last glyphs of the list

The parentheses

The two usual parentheses ( and ) are binded to

monica parentheses

How to access the alternative letters

You can’t use directly the keyboard to access these alternative letters.

Instead some unusual unicode characters have been used to store them. You will have to copy/paste their code from this file to the lettering dialog window.

Small swashes

All lower case letters Petite Echarpe
To use these alternative letters, you will need to cut their code from here and paste it in the lettering dialog.

⒜ ⒝ ⒞ ⒟ ⒠ ⒡
⒢ ⒣ ⒤ ⒥ ⒦
⒧ ⒨ ⒩ ⒪ ⒫
⒬ ⒭ ⒮ ⒯ ⒰
⒱ ⒲ ⒳ ⒴ ⒵

Long underscoring swashes

a-d-h-i-k-l-m-n-r-t-u Echarpe Longue Soulignante
There are also 11 lower case letters with long underscoring swashes a-d-h-i-k-l-m-n-r-t-u.

They must not be followed, over two letters, by downslope letters (such as g-j-p-q-y-z) to avoid satin columns overlays. To access use one of these codes:
Ⓐ			Ⓓ

	Ⓗ	Ⓘ		Ⓚ

	Ⓡ		Ⓣ	Ⓤ

Medium length swashes

g-j-y Echarpe Moyenne Soulignante
There are 3 underscore medium length swash letters: g-j-y.

They must not be followed by a downslope letter.

To access use one of these codes:

Curly low swashes

g-j-y Echarpe Basse Bouclée
These three letters feature a curly low swash version.

They must not be followed by a downstroke letter over two letters.

To access use one of these codes:
ⓖ ⓙ ⓨ

Retrograde curly upper swashes

b-d-h-k-l-t Echarpe Superieure Bouclée
There are 6 retrograde curly upper swash letters b-d-h-k-l-t.

The two previous letters should not be rising letters, nor capital letter to avoid satin columns overlays.
To access use one of these codes:

ⓑ ⓓ ⓗ ⓚ ⓛ ⓣ

And the last one

o Echarpe Queue Droite
Finally there is also a straight tail o:

To access use this code:

In real life


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