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Transcript - 01 Intro - Beginner Tutorial Series

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Welcome to the Ink/Stitch beginner tutorial series.

Ink/Stitch is an open source machine embroidery design platform based on Inkscape. Our goal is to be approachable for hobbyists while also providing the power needed by professional digitizers.

In this tutorial series we are going through all important functions of Ink/Stitch. For each tutorial you will see the Ink/Stitch version used while recording. If you are using an other version of Ink/Stitch there might be some differences within the interface and functionality. In this case, we would appreciate if you would contact us through our github repository, so we can update the video for you.

Also if things are going too fast or are not understandable for whatever reason, file an issue on github - because only then we can improve the video when it needs an update for a newer Ink/Stitch version.

We will try to keep the videos up to date, which sometimes is not an easy task, since Ink/Stitch is a very active project. This will mean, that some videos will be disappearing as it is not possible to keep the same url for updated videos. We recommend to link to the tutorials playlist and not to specific videos directly.

The videos are not trying to teach digitizing for embroidery itself, there are much better ressources for this. These videos are meant to explain the Ink/Stitch way of creating embroidery files. If you don’t know Inkscape you might want to learn their basics first.

In these tutorials we often use shortcut keys. In the bottom right corner you will see in most videos a keyboard indicator. But be aware, that some shortcut keys were individually set in the customize tutorial. Shortcut key combinations not mentioned in this video are native shortcut keys from Inkscape and can be used without any customization.

Whenever you have questions or remarks you are welcome on github to discuss your issue. We have a section on our homepage were you could publish your Ink/Stitch created designs. We are very curious to see, what you will create.

Have fun with this tutorial series, we hope it will make it easy for you to express your creativity in stitched out designs.

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