This page is outdated. For more recent information have a look at the english original.

Developing Ink/Stitch

Ink/Stitch Organization

The plugin code as well as the pyembroidery repository can be found within the Ink/Stitch organization on github. Additionaly you will find some other useful things like embroidery fonts.

Inkscape Plugin

Ink/Stitch is an Inkscape plugin. See their website to read a short introduction about how to write Inkscape plugins.

Ink/Stitch Languages

Ink/Stitch and pyembroidery are written in Python 2.
We cannot use Python 3 because, the extension framework for Inkscape, is in Python 2 only.

Print PDF uses Electron. Which will lead the whole GUI to be displayed with the help of web languages such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript. The print preview uses the Jinja Template Framework, which might be converted to be using vue.js in future versions.

Developers Documentation