This page is outdated. For more recent information have a look at the english original.

Git et GitHub

Use the GitHub Website to Work on Ink/Stitch

Create a New Branch and Upload Changes with Git

  • Clone repository

    for full manual setup see instructions for your operating system: Linux/macOS, Windows

    git clone
    cd inkstitch
  • Create and enter into a new branch (even possible when you already made changes)

    git checkout -b username/branch-name
  • View changed files or current branch name

    git status
  • View changes

    git diff
  • Add changes to staging area

    git add *

    Or add specific files only

    git add path-to-filename.ext
  • Commit changes

    git commit -m 'commit message'
  • Push changes to a new branch in upstream repo

    git push -u origin username/branch-name

    Push changes to existing branch in upstream repo (after usage of git add and git commit)

    git push
  • Return to the main branch

    git checkout main

    or whatever branch

    git checkout username/branch-name

    If you want to work on the website checkout the branch gh-pages

    git checkout gh-pages

Ink/Stitch will now build a development release which can be found in (in approx. 25 minutes).

When you are satisfied with the results, make a pull request (see above).

Update the Local Ink/Stitch Copy with Changes from Upstream

To update the local copy, simply use

git pull

This will pull in the changes from upstream for the currently used branch