Ink/Stitch Version 1.7.1 released

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v1.7.1: Merge pull request #162 from lexelby/lexelby-fix-palette-crash

  • handle case where no palette is used

v1.7.0: enhanced printing and thread manufacturer palettes

  • thread palettes
    • new extension to install Inkscape palettes for many manufacturers’ thread catalogs
    • Print extension uses thread names from the palette you chose
      • (you can override the palette if necessary)
  • more print-out customization
    • set names for threads
    • add operator notes for each color block
    • choose your own branding icon
    • drag and zoom stitch previews
  • print-out customizations saved into the SVG
    • certain settings can also be saved as global defaults
  • deprecated 0.5px running stitch
    • previously, a stroke width of 0.5px told Ink/Stitch to use running stitch
    • this still works but results in a deprecation warning
    • instead, set a dashed stroke to signify running stitch
      • any kind of dashes will do