Duplicate Params

This extension will allow you to simply copy Ink/Stitch params from the first selected object to multiple elements.


  • Select the element you want to copy the params from
  • Hold shift while you select additional elements to which you want to transfer the params
  • Run Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Duplicate Params

Re-stack objects in order of selection

This tool will take away a lot of work when you are about to reorder your objects for a better routing. Instead of moving your objects in the object panel one by one, perform the following steps:

  • Select elements in the order you want them to be stitched out
  • Run Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Re-stack objects in order of selection

Ink/Stitch will then reorder your elements as you selected them. First selected element will be placed in the lowest position of your object panel (which means it will be stitched out first).

Warning: If you select elements from different groups or layers, they will be placed in the same group afterwards. Which can lead to a different placement of some elements if one or both group elements have a transformation.