Using a single tartan on several letters and have much fewer thread changes

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Tartan fonts yield very colorful results, but to get them one must change threads very often. It is very easy to get a slightly less colorfl result (with a single tartan on all letters) with muchh fewer thread changes.

For instance, writing PRIMAVERA with Emilio 20 Tartan yields :

Trop de sauts de fils

But if instead one uses a single tartan for all letters


one get a very easier stitchout


Much fewer color changes. But some long jumps in between letters. This method is best used with a machine that cuts thread.

Checking “Cut after” in the tartan fill parameters windows (not tartan extension, but params) will then do the trick.

It is quite easy:

  • Use Emilio 20 Tartan font
  • Select all Tartan Fill (this are all the red fills, you may select one and then use Inkscape > Edition > Select Same >Fill Colo
  • Inkscape > Parh > Combine
  • Move the resulting shape so that it is embroidered first.
  • Ink/Stitch > Tools : Fill > Tartan and chose your own settings.

You may also use a different fill on the combined shape, in particular a linear gradient fill