New Features, Updates and Fixes for the upcoming Ink/Stitch version (3.1.0)


New fonts

Font Updates

  • Most fonts have now the following glyphs: éèêëÉÈÊËÜÄÖäöüß Only exceptions are April en Fleur, Apex Lake, Cherry fonts, Emilio fonts, Fold Inkstitch, Infinipicto, Namskout and Sortefax (they contain only non diacritic glyphs).
  • Cherry for Kaalleen has been modified to include a light blue fill and random stitch length cherries.

    Cherry for  kaallen preview

  • All fonts have been reworked to be more stable when transformed.

#2949 #2938 #2935 #2935 #2934 #2930 #2929 #2928 #2927 #2903 #2900 #2898 #2894 #2890 #2886 #2871 #2868 #2857 #2850 #2833 #2812 #2807 #2803 #2802 #2793 #2784 #2769 #2762 #2749 #2744 #2742 #2714 #2607 #2579 #2476 #2682

New Extensions

Apply Palette

Thread Color Management > Apply Palette (#2738)

This extension applies nearest colors from a specified thread palette on a design. This will also be recognized by the Ink/Stitch embroidery file and pdf output.

Display Stacking order

Visualize and Export > Display Stacking order (#2656)

This extension inserts numbered labels for selected elements into the document to visualize the stitch order.

Display stacking order

Element info

Troubleshoot > Element info (#2544)

This extension informs about various parameters of selected stitch elements.

Element info

Font Sampling

Font Management > Font Sampling (#2858)

This extension creates a list of all letters in a font. It helps font creators to test the outcome of a new font.

Generate Test Swatches from Selection

Edit > Generate Test Swatches from Selection (#2528)

This extension allows to easily test different values for embroidery parameters by creating test swatches.

Example test swatches

Jump Stitch to Trim Command

Commands > Jump Stitch to Trim Command (#2864)

Inserts trim commands to avoid jump stitches

Multicolor Satin

Tools: Satin: Multicolor Satin (#2863)

This extension creates copies of selected satins to mimic a multicolor satin

Multicolor Satin


Stroke tools > Outline (#2529, #2881)

This extension helps reconstruct an original object from a stitch file.

Fill to outline


Stroke tools > Redwork (#2958)

A new auto-route extension for running stitches which makes sure, that every path is used exactly two times.


Tools: Fill > Tartan (#2782)

This extension generates the tartan stripes and applies them to the document either as svg elements or as tartan fill params

Edit > Unlink Clone ...

This extension unlinks clones (optionally recursive) and applies fill angle transformations

Extension Updates

All extensions now come with a help tab with a link to our website with detailed information (#2937, #2948)

Cleanup document

Troubleshoot > Cleanup document

  • add option to delete empty groups and layers (#2552)
  • add test run option to display names of the elements that will be removed with the current settings (#2552)

Convert line to Satin

Tools: Satin > Conert to Satin

Do not split into several parts (#2418)

Converted square

Density map

Visualize and Export > Density Map

  • add indicator size option (#2544)
  • add ignore layer command (#2522)

Fill to Stroke

Tools: Stroke > Fill to Stroke

  • add one centerline group for each selected fill or replace existing fill if it results in only one path (#2675)

Force lock stitches

Font Management > Force lock stitches

  • Add “Restrict to Satin” option (#2773)

Jump to Stroke

Tools: Stroke > Jump to Stroke

  • Add options (#2733)
    • Min width
    • Max width
    • Connect only within groups or layers
    • Do not connect after trim, stop or forced lock stitches
    • Merge new strokes with previous/next stroke
    • Merge subpaths (#2750)



  • Add glyph filter (#2400)

Lettering Along Path

Lettering along path

  • Remove previous transforms so that it can be adapted to an other (or an updated) path #2973



  • Improved error reporting (#2437)
  • Add object based min stitch length und min jump stitch length (#2792)



  • electron -> wxpython (#2479)
  • Move print pdf back to webbrowser (#2849)

Remove embroidery settings

Troubleshoot > Remove embroidery settings

  • add option to remove only specific commands (#2494)

Select embroidery elements

Edit > Select embroidery elements

  • Option to select satins with no rungs or two rails and two rungs (possible detection conflict) (#2734)
  • Option to select by bean stitch repeats (#2875)
  • Option to select auto-satin underpathing (#2875)
  • Options to select new stitch types


Visualize and Export > Simulator

Important announcement
Realistic and simulator divorced. Realistic preview and Stitch plan preview started living together.

The realistic preview has been moved to the stitch plan preview.

The “standalone simulator” has been replaced with the reworked simulator from param and lettering extensions.

  • Improved params simulator(#2481)
  • Simulator is now attachable/detachable (#2557)
  • Simulator has a changable background color and can show/hide jumps (#2844)
  • Simulator has a preferences button to scale line width and needle penetration points (#2992)
  • Make colors visible on background (#3010)

Stitch Plan Preview

Visualize and Export > Stitch Plan Preview

Important announcement
The realistic preview has been moved to the stitch plan preview.

New options

  • keep/overwrite previous stitch plan (#2642)
  • realistic render (png or vector) (#2838
  • ignore jumps (#2911
  • ignore layer ((#2911)


Troubleshoot > Troubleshoot

  • Add warning for satins with two rails and two rungs (possible detection conflict) (#2734)
  • Add no rung warning (#2791)
  • Add warning for elements with stroke and fill color (#2761)


New Palettes

  • Simthread glow in the dark / 15 colors (#2752)
  • Simthread 63 Brother Colours Polyester (#2752)

Stitch types


  • Improved angle detection for fill clones (#2766, (#2834)
  • Add ability to render clones of groups (#2766, (#2834)
  • Improved style detection ((#2834)

Fill Stitch - family

  • Randomize stitch length option (#2830)
  • Smooth underpath (#2346)
  • Prevent fill stitch from going outside the shape (#2346)
  • Proportional pull compensation (#2891)
  • Linear gradient fill: a new stitch type to stitch gradients (#2587)

    Linear gradient fill

  • Meander fill: add zig-zag option (#2699)

    Zigzag-Meander Grumpy-Cat

  • Tartan Fill: a new stitch type to mimic tartan patterns (#2782)

    Tartan pattern

Running stitch - family

  • Randomize stitch length option (#2830)

Satin column - family

  • Add stagger option for split stitches (#2431) Staggered split stitch example
  • Add stitch tolerance to satin underlays (#2814) and set default stitch length to 3 (#2925)
  • S-Stitch: a new stitch type for the satin stitch type family (#2431) S-Stitch
  • Zig-Zag: a new stitch type for the satin stitch type family (#2431) Zigzag Stitch


Polylines have been registered as a special stitch type (in fact manual stitchting) in previous Ink/Stitch versions. They will now be recognized as normal path objects and will render by default as either running stitches (when they have a stroke color) or as auto fill (when they have a fill color). Existing files with any Ink/Stitch parameters applied will automatically convert polylines to manual stitches and keep previous behavior. #2866


  • Make PNG (simple/realistic) and threadlist available in export file formats (#3019)


  • Add input field for custom file names within the zip file (#2426)
  • Add option to export panel (#2349)
  • Add realistic PNG output option (#3019)

Inkscape export dialog

  • Ink/Stitch file formats are also available from the Inkscape export dialog (#2489)


  • Windows is now available as 32 bit and 64 bit version (#2413)
  • macOS is now also available as an arm version, no need to install rosetta (#3038)

Developer Features

  • #2715 Multiversion support
  • #2655 In Ink/Stitch preferences set cache size to 0 to disable caching
  • #2653 #2720 Updated debug and profiling procedures

Bug Fixes

  • #3097 #3101 Prevent some RuntimeError occurences when simulator closes
  • #3095 Lettering wrap font description
  • #3094 shapely arm fix
  • #3098 Fix issue in about extension template
  • #3081 Ignore warnings in releases
  • #3089 Fill: fallback to edge run when underpath fails
  • #3090 Fix satin and stroke presets
  • #3075 Fix command translations
  • #3082 redwork: fix starting_point issue

  • #3071 Lettering: skip font with corrupt json file
  • #3074 Reset corrupted cache files
  • #3065 Params: fix stroke and fill rendering order
  • #3053 Ensure that redwork and auto-run underpath style to dashed and top stitching lines to solid
  • #3034 adding commands to clones informs users that they have to unlink clones
  • #3021 make line to satin a little bit more robust
  • #3007 Fix about extension for Inkscape version 1.4 (use wxpython)
  • #3004 Fix realistic stitch plan preview for inkscape versions 1.3 and 1.3.1
  • #3002 gray out randomize stitch length param when random stitch length is disabled
  • #2998 Fix short relative lock stitches
  • #2993 PDF Preview webpage now pings in worker
  • #2984 improve error message for files with too many color changes
  • #2974 Remove simulator fragments on resize
  • #2969 Improve simulator dark theme
  • #2924 Fix print pdf for grouped objects without a layer
  • #2918 Filter invalid paths in satins
  • #2917 Fix zigzag line to satin
  • #2897 Fix invalid clip paths
  • #2899 Fix color display for some Pfaff-Machines
  • #2895 Fix center walk underlay repeats
  • #2896 LPE-Satin: increase fuse value
  • #2836 Fixes None value param display when multiple elements are selected
  • #2853 Fix an issue with font kerning
  • #2819 Fix cleanup extension
  • #2818 Remove empty d error
  • #2777 Save thread names into embroidery files
  • #2754 Fix lettering along path when glyphs have subgroups or trims
  • #2683 Select embroidery elements: output error message when python path cannot be found
  • #2675 Fix error message on fill to stroke if small fill artifacts are present
  • #2674 Zip: fix error message when no file format is selected
  • #2644 Letters to font: escape labels to allow import of filenames with quotes
  • #2657 Troubleshoot satin: point on rail and not the center of the element
  • #2643 Fix some networkx errors for fill stitches
  • #2603 fix polyline shape
  • #2637 Add shape property to clone
  • #2638 Troubleshoot: remove old layer before creating a new one to avoid transform (and other) issues
  • #2647 Ignore multipoints in intersect regions with gratings
  • #2635 #2645 Fix some networkx no path errors
  • #2624 Replace jumps by running stitches in large satin columns
  • #2578 Auto-route Satin: handle sided properties correctly
  • #2566 Update depcrecated inx file descriptions, so they are translatable now
  • #2550 Lettering: error on empty layer in font file
  • #2527 Stitch plan: multiply sequence error
  • #2502 Gradient Blocks: Unit fix
  • #2499 LPE Satin: width of “normal” straight pattern wasn’t correct
  • #2491 Toggle commands: fix if first command in invisible group/layer
  • #2468 Zigzag to satin: do not ignore elements in a group
  • #2467 Render context-stroke and context-fill as black
  • #2461 Letters to font: fix guide line insertion
  • #2460 Satin Column: obey reversed rails when synthesizing rungs
  • #2458 Density Map: add ignore layer command
  • #2434 Ignore commands with “empty-d-connectors”
  • #2404 Render satins with only one subpath as running stitch
  • #2403 ignore small contour fill with single or double spiral