New Features, Updates and Fixes for the upcoming Ink/Stitch version (3.1.0)

New Extensions

Apply Palette

Thread Color Management > Apply Palette (#2738)

This extension applies nearest colors from a specified thread palette on a design. This will also be recognized by the Ink/Stitch pdf output.

Display Stacking order

Visualize and Export > Display Stacking order (#2656)

Display stacking order

Element info

Troubleshoot > Element info (#2544)

This extension informs about various parameters of selected stitch elements.

Element info

Generate Test Swatches from Selection

Edit > Generate Test Swatches from Selection (#2528)

This extension allows to easily test different values for embroidery parameters by creating test swatches.

Example test swatches


Stroke tools > Outline (#2529)

This extension helps reconstruct an original object from a stitch file.

Fill to outline


Fill tools > Tartan (#2782)

This extension generates the tartan stripes and applies them to the document either as svg elements or as tartan fill params

Extension Updates

Cleanup document

Troubleshoot > Cleanup document

  • add option to delete empty groups and layers (#2552)
  • add test run option to display names of the elements that will be removed with the current settings (#2552)

Density map

Visualize and Export > Density Map

  • add indicator size option (#2544)
  • add ignore layer command (#2522)

Fill to Stroke

Tools: Stroke > Fill to Stroke

  • add one centerline group for each selected fill or replace existing fill if it results in only one path (#2675)

Force lock stitches

Font Management > Force lock stitches

  • Add “Restrict to Satin” option (#2773)

Jump to Stroke

Tools: Stroke > Jump to Stroke

  • Add options (#2733)
    • Min width
    • Max width
    • Connect only within groups or layers
    • Do not connect after trim, stop or forced lock stitches
    • Merge new strokes with previous/next stroke
    • Merge subpaths (#2750)



  • Add glyph filter (#2400)



  • electron -> wxpython (#2479)

Remove embroidery settings

Troubleshoot > Remove embroidery settings

  • add option to remove only specific commands (#2494)

Select embroidery elements

Edit > Select embroidery elements

  • Option to select satins with no rungs or two rails and two rungs (possible detection conflict) (#2734)

Stitch Plan Preview

Visualize and Export > Stitch Plan Preview

  • Add option to keep/overwrite previous stitch plan (#2642)


Troubleshoot > Troubleshoot

  • Add warning for satins with two rails and two rungs (possible detection conflict) (#2734)
  • Add no rung warning (#2791)
  • Add warning for elements with stroke and fill color (#2761)


New fonts

Font Updates

  • Most fonts have now the following glyphs: éèêëÉÈÊËÜÄÖäöüß Only exceptions are April en Fleur, Apex Lake, Cherry fonts, Emilio fonts, Fold Inkstitch, Infinipicto, Namskout and Sortefax (they contain only non diacritic glyphs).
  • TT-Directors: add Ũ

All fonts have been reworked to be more stable when transformed.

#2807 #2803 #2802 #2793 #2784 #2769 #2762 #2749 #2744 #2742 #2714 #2607 #2579 #2476 #2682


New Palettes

  • Simthread glow in the dark / 15 colors (#2752)
  • Simthread 63 Brother Colours Polyester (#2752)


  • Improved error reporting (#2437)
  • Add object based min stitch length und min jump stitch length (#2792)


  • Improved simulator for params and lettering (#2481)
  • Simulator is now attached to the main window (params or lettering) (#2557)

    It is detachable and the last state will be remembered.

Stitch types

Fill Stitch - family

Satin column - family

  • Add stagger option for split stitches (#2431) Staggered split stitch example
  • Convert line to satin: do not split into several parts (#2418) Converted square
  • S-Stitch: a new stitch type for the satin stitch type family (#2431) S-Stitch
  • Zig-Zag: a new stitch type for the satin stitch type family (#2431) Zigzag Stitch


  • Improved angle detection for fill clones (#2766)
  • Add ability to render clones of groups (#2766)



  • Add input field for custom file names within the zip file (#2426)
  • Add option to export panel (#2349)

Inkscape export dialog

  • Ink/Stitch file formats are also available from the Inkscape export dialog (#2489)

Thread color

  • Save thread names into embroidery files (#2777)


  • Windows is now available as 32 bit and 64 bit version (#2413)

Developer Features

  • #2715 Multiversion support
  • #2653 Updated debug and profiling procedures

Bug Fixes

  • #2754 Fix lettering along path when glyphs have subgroups or trims
  • #2683 Select embroidery elements: output error message when python path cannot be found
  • #2675 Fix error message on fill to stroke if small fill artifacts are present
  • #2674 Zip: fix error message when no file format is selected
  • #2644 Letters to font: escape labels to allow import of filenames with quotes
  • #2657 Troubleshoot satin: point on rail and not the center of the element
  • #2643 Fix some networkx errors for fill stitches
  • #2603 fix polyline shape
  • #2637 Add shape property to clone
  • #2638 Troubleshoot: remove old layer before creating a new one to avoid transform (and other) issues
  • #2647 Ignore multipoints in intersect regions with gratings
  • #2635 #2645 Fix some networkx no path errors
  • #2624 Replace jumps by running stitches in large satin columns
  • #2578 Auto-route Satin: handle sided properties correctly
  • #2566 Update depcrecated inx file descriptions, so they are translatable now
  • #2550 Lettering: error on empty layer in font file
  • #2527 Stitch plan: multiply sequence error
  • #2502 Gradient Blocks: Unit fix
  • #2499 LPE Satin: width of “normal” straight pattern wasn’t correct
  • #2491 Toggle commands: fix if first command in invisible group/layer
  • #2468 Zigzag to satin: do not ignore elements in a group
  • #2467 Render context-stroke and context-fill as black
  • #2461 Letters to font: fix guide line insertion
  • #2460 Satin Column: obey reversed rails when synthesizing rungs
  • #2458 Density Map: add ignore layer command
  • #2434 Ignore commands with “empty-d-connectors”
  • #2404 Render satins with only one subpath as running stitch
  • #2403 ignore small contour fill with single or double spiral