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Amitaclo small


Amitaclo contains 110 glyphs :

œıüûúùöôóñ ïîíëêéèçæä âáàßÜÖÆÄ|z yxwvutsrqp onmlkjihgf edcba\ZYXW VUTSRQPONM LKJIHGFEDC BA@?=;:987 6543210/.- ,+*)(‘’@”!


At 100%, this font is approximatively 30 mm high (1.2 inches)

It can be scaled up to 200% (approx 60 mm, 2.4 inches ) or scaled down to 80% (approx 24 mm, 1 inch).

Dimensions Amitaclo

Don’t try to scale it further down.

Amitaclo small is a variation of this font with different embroidery settings. Pull compensation, density and underlays are different to allow to scale down between 55% (16mm,2/3 inch) and 25% (7mm ,1/4 inch).

That’s why in the lettering dialog window, if using amitaclo small, you will have to pick up a scale between 25 and 55%.

Contrarily to Amitaclo, Amitaclo small font MUST be embroidered with thread and needle smaller than usual. A USA 8 (EUR 60) size needle, and 60WT thread MUST be used.

In real life

Used in conjunction with Déjà Vu and Magnolia KOR on the preserve jars

amita3 amitaclo amitadejavumagnolia

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