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Apex Lake

Apex Lake


Apex lake contains 38 glyphs: ?!0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ


Apex Lake est a quite large ornemental font. Each letter comes with a square frame.

If you don not wish to embroider the frame, skip the last two colors.

If you wish to use the frame for an appliqué, use a copy of the penultimate path to stitch your fabric.

In order to avoid messy overlays, the background pattern is incomplete in most of the letters. However would you wish to use it as a decoration, you can find it complete in the J cap .


Apex Lake is a large font, meant to be used one letter or a few letters at a time.

Used at 100% it is approximatively 60mm high (2.2 inches) .

It can be scaled down to 80% (approx. 50mm, 2 inches) and scaled up to 130% (approx 110mm, 5 inches).

Color sorting

If you embroider several letters, you may wish to color sort. It is possible, providing the sorting respects the relative order inside each letter. This is a way to do it

In real life

Why not use Apex Lake on a T shirt ? or on a fabric basket ?

apex set
apex yann

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