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DejaVu Serif

Serif Semi-condensed

Deja Vue Serif Semi-condensed


DejaVu Serif contains 92 glyphs :

012345678 9AÄBCDEFGH IJKLMNOÖPQ RSTUÜVWXYZ aâàäbcçdeé èêëfghiîïj klmnoöôpqr stuùüûvwxy z@ß.’”)(!; ,?


Used at 100%, this font is approximatively 18 mm (2/3 inch) high.

It can be scaled up to 150% (env 27 mm, 1 inch) or scaled down to 80% (env 14 mm, 1/2 inch).


Déja Vu may be embroidered left to right, right to left, top to bottom orbottom to top.

In real life

Used by itself or with Amitaclo and Magnolia KOR on conserve jars


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