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This font contains the 119 glyphs : !”&’(),-./ 0123456789 :;=?@ABCDE FGHIJKLMNO PQRSTUVWXY Zabcdefghi jklmnopqrs tuvwxyz{}~ œ¡¨´¿ÀÁÄÈÑ ÖÜßàáâãäæç èéêëìíîïñò óôõöùúûüµ


At 100%, this font is approximatively 40 mm (1.5 inch) high.

It may be scaled up to 250% (approx: 100 mm 4 inches) but may not be scaled down.

Too christmassy for you ?

The µ glyph has been hacked to store this embroidery Brockscript that contain 4 alternatives to the holly.

The replacement is up to you, but it is easy in inkscape.

You could also just skip the holly or replace it by any small drawing of your choice.

And if you do not know how to access µ from your keyboard, copy it from here and paste it in the lettering dialog window.

In real life

Brockscript may be used on a Towel ,or a T shirt, or as an ornament:


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