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Emilio 20


Emilio 20 Tricolore


Both fonts contains 36 glyphs: 0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ


Emilio 20

At 100%, this font is approximatively 50 mm (2 inches) high. It can be scaled up to 140% (approx. 70mm, 2.8 inches) or scaled jusqu’à 70% (approx. 35 mm , 1.5 inchs).

Emilio 20 Tricolore

At 100%, this font is approximatively 100mm (4 inches) It may be scaled up to 120% (approx. 120 mm, 5 inches) or scaled down to 90% (approx.en 90 mm, 3.5 inches).

Color sorting

If you embroider several letters, you may wish to color sort. It is possible, providing the sorting respects the relative order inside each letter. This is a way to do it

In real life

emilio20 2

Download Emilio 20 Font License

Download Emilio 20 Tricolore Font License