We want to describe every possible function with text, images and/or videos. Also provide instructions about the installation process and give an overview of the best workflow. Additionally we want to provide sample files which other users can make use of. It also would be nice to get some example images of embroidered designs to prove what Ink/Stitch is able to do.

An other and quiet unfinished part of the documentation will be, to help other developers to get started diving into the code. Enable them to introduce new functionalities to Ink/Stitch or whatever they might come up with.

Get involved

This website needs a lot of care. Generating new content and updating existing content with the ongoing developement of Ink/Stitch. We could use any helpful hand.

You do not need to know how to build a website, since we use Markdown for text formatting. More information about the documentation project can be found in the README file on github. That is also where you will find all files needed to build this website.

If you have interest to help with the documentation, file an issue on github and tell us, that you are willing to help.