Ink/Stitch v3.0.1

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Ink/Stitch v3.0.1 is a bugfix release for v3.0.0

First of all a big thank you to everyone who reported bugs and helped us to fix them

  • Fix Lettering on Linux Systems (#2323)
  • Fix Lettering on some Windows systems (#2345)
  • Fix everything on some macOS systems (#2325)
  • Fix everython on some Windows systems (#2338)
  • Fix “skip last stitch in each row” (#2332)
  • Make select elements template horizontal (#2343)
  • Specify pdf as output format in print pdf (#2340)
  • Fix needle points in params simulator on Windows systems (#2339)
  • Fix KeyError in Autoroute Running Stitch (#2335)
  • Lettering: Ignore selection without lettering (#2334)
  • Fix no elements error on Windows Systems when calling the params dialog for the first time in a new document (#2347)
  • Namskout font: remove unwanted jump stitches from o and u (#2359)
  • Lettering: ignore broken commands in font files (#2364)
  • Fix command recognition when command was duplicated in the defs section of the svg file (#2381)
  • Ignore too tiny satins in autoroute satin (#2387)
  • Fix ZeroDivisionError for satin columns (#2382)
  • Fix fill to stroke when original has stroke and fill (#2391)