Ink/Stitch v3.0.0

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Ink/Stitch v3.0.0 will be significantly faster when rebuilding the stitch plan due to caching.

New Fonts

Elements / Stitch types

New Stitch Types

Meander Fill

Meander fill has its origins in quilting techniques. A beautiful patterned effect results for machine embroidery. Large areas can be filled with relatively few stitches.

Meander Fill

Circular Fill

Circular fill fills a shape with an embroidered spiral. The center of the spiral is positioned at the center of the shape. A target point can be used to define a custom spiral center.

Circular Fill

New params

Trim and Stop Commands

  • It’s not necessary to use symbols for trim and stop commands, they can also be applied through the params dialog
  • Scale Commands: scales marker symbols as well (guide line & pattern symbols)

Tack Stitch and Lock Stitch

  • Chose from a list of predefined tack/lock stitches
  • Scale tack/lock stitches
  • Define custom tack/lock stitches


  • Fix: positioning
  • Fix: automatic fill angle calculation

    Clone fill angle

Bean Stitch

Manual Stitch

  • Enable automated lock stitches through the force lock stitch option
  • Add max stitch length setting

Fill stitch

  • Add support for fractional-length stagger cycles in fills
  • Unhide param for end row spacing (useful for color blending)
  • Multiple underlay angle values are now separated by space, not by a comma anymore

  • Fix: ‘LineString’ object has no attribute ‘geoms’
  • Fix: ‘Point’ object has no attribute ‘geoms’
  • Fix: ZeroDivisionError in intersect_region_with_grating
  • Fix: ZoneClose segments can not be changed into curves.
  • Fix: incorrect stagger in guided fill

Satin Column / E-Stitch

  • Options for randomization: stitch, length, stitch distance, length/count of split stitches


  • Pull compensation

    Insert multiple values separated by a space. Possible for both pull compensations (mm, %)

    • Add suport for pull compensation in percent
    • Add support for asymmetric pull compensation
    • Automatically detect reversed rails and correct them. Option to reverse rails in the params dialog.
  • Add option to swap rails quickly directly from the params dialog

  • Fix: don’t fail if a satin has a fill, but render the fill as well


  • Params have become more flexible. Switching between running stitches and zigzag lines is more easy. No need to setup a dashed line for running stitches anymore.
  • Improved running stitch algorithm (stitch length is more consistant)
  • svg:line elements are recognized as normal stroke elements now

Zigzag Stitch

  • Add pull compensation

Ripple Stitch

Add params:

  • Stagger: nicer stitch placement
  • Minimum line distance: consistent density on resize (will overwrite the line count value)


New: Convert to Gradient Blocks

Splits a shape with a gradient fill color into solid color blocks which can be used to stitch out a gradient


Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools: Fill > Convert to gradient blocks

New: Lettering Along Path

Places a lettering group along a path without deforming the glyphs

Lettering along path

Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Lettering along path

New: Jump to Stroke

Generates a running stitch line from end to start position of consecutive elements

Jump to Stroke

1: Original 2: Jump to Stroke 3: Manually adjusted stroke

Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools: Stroke > Jump to Stroke

New: Fill to Stroke

Generates a center line for fill objects

Fill to Stroke

Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools: Stroke > Fill to Stroke

New: Stroke to Live Path Effect Satin

Converts a Stroke type element into a live path effect satin

LPE Satins

Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools: Satin: Stroke to Live Path Effect Satin

New: Zigzag line to Satin

Converts a square or zigzag line into a satin column

Zigzag to Satin

Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools: Satin > Zigzag line to Satin

New: Update Ink/Stitch SVG

Ink/Stich automatically updates old design files. Do not use unless you know what you are doing.

Extensions > ink/Stitch > Troubleshoot > Update Ink/Stitch SVG

New: Select embroidery elements

Select elements by stitch type (not for macOS)

Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Edit > Select embroidery elements…


  • Fix: Keep settings for underpath running stitch tolerance

Convert to Satin

  • Fix: Do not fail on mixed element selection
  • Fix macOS: rails point into the same direction again



  • Add font size filter
  • Add various options to include trim commands on all fonts (not only auto routed satin fonts)
  • Allow font folders with multiple files. In this case the font folders are named with the arrows. This allows font authors to split up their font file and speed up documents with a lot of elements in them. Also it allows them to work at the same font at the same time and exchange only parts of the font.

  • Fix: don’t fail on invalid glyphs, but ignore them
  • Fix: don’t fail but ignore auto-route if font author defined it for a fill font (just in case the author didn’t finish to convert all glyphs but wants to test the new font).

Params Simulator

  • Simulator reloads faster when params have been changed
  • Doesn’t ignore the minimum stitch length anymore


  • It is now possible to set default values for the minimum stitch length and the minimum jump stitch length
  • Define cache size
  • New view: full page pattern
  • Preselect PDF format in save dialog


  • Uses page background color from Inkscape
  • Add zoom buttons (zoom to design, zoom to page)

Stitch Plan


  • Add size options

Embroidery Formats

  • Add file name to header of some file formats
  • Fix an issue when stop commands resulted into a mismatch between colors and color blocks