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Tartan Fill

Diese Funktion ist Teil einer zukünftigen Ink/Stitch Version und ist in der aktuellen Version noch nicht verfügbar.

What it is

Tartan Fill Sample Tartan is a patterned fabric with colored horizontal and vertical stripes. It is typically known from scottish kilts. The embroidery stitch type tries to mimic the typical pattern.

How to Create

  • Create a closed path with a fill color. The shape may have holes.
  • Open the tartan extension under Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools: Fill > Tartan and create your own tartan pattern
  • You can update and change more stitch params in the params dialog (Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params)

Edit Tartan Patterns

The Tartan Pattern Editor can be found in Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Tools: Fill > Tartan

Read more about the Tartan Stripe Editor


Run Extensions > Ink/Stitch > Params to tweak the settings to your needs.

Settings   Description
Automatically routed fill stitching Must be enabled for these settings to take effect.
Fill method Tartan Fill Tartan Fill must be selected.
Expand Expand example Expand the shape before stitching, to compensate for gaps between shapes.
Running stitch length   For circular fill this is the overall stitch length.
Running stitch tolerance   All stitches must be within this distance from a path. A lower tolerance means stitches will be closer together. A higher tolerance means sharp corner may be rounded.
Bean stitch number of repeats   ◦ Enable Bean Stitch Mode
◦ Backtrack each stitch this many times.
◦ A value of 1 would triple each stitch (forward, back, forward).
◦ A value of 2 would quintuple each stitch, etc.
Rows per tartan thread   Consecutive rows of the same color
Herringbone width   Defines the width of a herringbone pattern. Use 0 for regular rows. It is recommended to use a multiple or a fraction of the defined stripe width (or to use only one color on warp and an other color on weft).
Allow lock stitches   Enables lock stitches in only desired positions
Force lock stitches   Sew lock stitches after sewing this element, even if the distance to the next object is smaller than defined in the collapse length value value in the Ink/Stitch prefreneces.
Tack stitch   Select tack stitch type (start).
Lock stitch   Select lock stitch type (end).
Trim After   Trim the thread after sewing this object.
Stop After   Stop the machine after sewing this object. Before stopping it will jump to the stop position (frame out) if defined.


Underlay in Tartan Fill is a normal Auto FillUnderlay and uses the fill angle which can be defined in the underlay params.

Sample Files Including Tartan Fill Stitches